What's your Hopabout?

Hopabout is about experiencing the rush of delight, even in familiar situations. My primary trigger is travel. Even the thought of traveling puts me in a giddy and reflective state where I'm highly alert and conscious of my environment  -- that's my Hopabout.

About a decade ago, my sister returned from a trip to Europe and was sharing some of her favorite experiences. The story that struck me most was when she and her traveling companion visited a German castle. They had been presented with the option of renting a golf cart to make the trek up the hill from the entrance and originally declined the offer. Then they said, "what the heck, let's do it."

The traveling trooper in me briefly thought, "Oh. That's ridiculous. Why didn't you just hike?" But as she recounted the story of engaging all of the other golf-cart riders in a heated and silly race to the top of the hill, she was laughing and revisiting the pure fun. Taking the golf cart became a symbol of stepping outside of our normal patterns. The conversation completely changed my bias against anything touristy or common or easy, just because it was touristy or common or easy.

Why not create and embrace those opportunities for wonder, delight, and glee -- both in extraordinary situations and in our everyday lives? How do you Hopabout?




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